Taurine is possibly safe for adults and children when taken by mouth in appropriate amounts. Taurine has been used safely in adults in studies lasting up to one year. It has been given safely to children for up to 4 months . During pregnancy, taurine deficiency in the mother can negatively impact her baby’s growth, impairing the central nervous system, and pancreas. While caution should be taken while administering taurine during pregnancy and lactation.

Number One

Though the benefits of taurine have been well understood, Spey medical was the first company which introduced plain Taurine 1gm softgel capsules for various benefits to patients suffering form Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Tinnitus and may more…


Taurine’s benefits are very broad and extensive and scientists have described it as a “wonder molecule”. The often quoted benefits of taurine is that it promotes cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, electrolyte balance, hearing function, and immune modulation. However, it also has the ability to provide protection against reactive carbonyl species and advanced glycation end products (AGE’s).